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27-30 April 2017



27-30 April 2017

Unleash the Power Within 2017

16 – 20 June 2017

RAI Amsterdam


16 – 20 June 2017

Business Mastery

8 – 9 JUL 2017

Heartfelt Arena, Pretoria


8 – 9 JUL 2017



MMI has been my annual must attend event since 2009. Every time I learn new things and the trainers never fail to amaze me with their passion in deliverance the module. My financial condition has been improved and I strictly follow the 6 jars system. And I never went to work again since 2011. Thank you Success Resources and MMI team for making a difference in my life.

– Vishnuvarthanababoo Subramaniam

Coming from 13 years of experience with a background on property development and digital media, this workshop is indeed an eye opener for me. I personally benefited a lot in terms of the product knowledge in renovation, savings which you can get as it’s direct with manufacturers with IDking member card, Streetsmart ID Riches blend with The Rules of thumbs. A recommended workshop for ANYONE who loves money!

– Lorainne Ng, Property Developer

This event is truly life-changing! No exaggeration! I came into this event unsure of myself, my worthiness in becoming wealth, but now I am confident of not only myself and my financial future, but my entire future!

– Shaun Ng, Student

I am 22 years old this year. Before I meet Gary, I was actually in debt. And in just a matter of time, I would probably be in bankruptcy. I was owing a credit card at RM300k. I lost up to RM500k from my last investment. After I joined Gary’s course, he taught me how to invest in property with almost no money down. Not only that, he taught me how to grow my portfolio. I’m very grateful, very happy and very fortunate to meet Gary because he changed my life completely! I started my investment journey at the age of 20. And now I have more than 10 properties. Without Gary, I wouldn’t have achieve all this achievement. It is all about making a choice. I chose to attend Gary’s workshop. That is the best decision that I have ever made in my life.

– Abel, Personal Trainer

I have attended many programs on Internet Marketing and I can honestly say that this was worth every cent! Peng Joon shared his experiences in a very transparent way and made me feel that he was just someone ordinary doing Internet Marketing except that he’s making tons of money! He shared nuggets of information that many ‘gurus’ would not! His enthusiasm has been motivational and I can’t wait to make lots of money. Thank you Peng Joon!

– Susan Itty, Director

This is truly the best course I’ve attended in the last few years because I can see the future open up before me. I look forward to attend more eagerly as well. I thank Success Resources to have created this wonderful course for all our benefits. Thanks!

– Kumar Nair

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